tastes of Syros

The cuisine of Syros stands in perfect consistency with its history, unique with influences from those who gradually passed through the island. Phoenicians, Venetians, French, Turks, Chians and cultures from Asia Minor all left their imprint on the current mosaic of flavors of the island.



Today in addition to the world-renowned Turkish delights (loukoumia) and the halvadopites that refugees from Chios and Asia Minor brought to Syros, other notable products include the local Louza sausage, the San Michalis cheese, capers as well as aromatic honey and wild edible greens.


The cheese products of Syros are of excellent quality, with the table cheese San Michalis, which is produced by the union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Syros, being certified with Protected Designation of Origin.


At a comparable/similar level one can find more local cheeses such as the sweet cow cheese, Kopanisti, the fresh Mizithra cheese and Petrota cheese.


The Louza or Louisa differs in Syros in relation to the rest of the Cyclades, as here sirloin marinated pork tenderloin is used along with  red wine, pepper, cloves, sugar and cinnamon.



Other unique local recipes like marathokeftedes, caper salad, sundried tomatoes, Kourkouti, Aetopita, Pastelaries and Frisoures you can enjoy in the traditional taverns of Syros.



The local wines Fabrica and San ta Maratha constitute an important winemaking effort of the Winery of Syros. The local varieties of Monemvasia of the “White Kountoura” in Fabrica and the Assyrtiko of the “San Ta Maratha” compose harmonious gourmet blends with the local cuisine of Syros.

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