1901 Hermoupolis Maison offers its guests the chance to experience flavors from the local cuisine by reviving recipes from Syros that go back to the beginning of the 17th century.



Breakfast is served in full consistency and harmony with the ingredients and products found on the island. From loukoumia – the Greek version of Turkish delights –  and halvas-pies to the recognized Louza sausage/cold cut and San Michalis cheese which is produced in the homonymous region of northern Syros, all have their own special place on the table. Black currants from Messaria, Thyme Honey from Adeiata, local types of cheese from Apano Meria of Syros – such as sweet cow cheese, kopanisti, petrota and mizithra – are all offered to the hotel’s guests depending on seasonality.


The old recipes of Syros Pastelaries and Frisoures were revived through discussions with old housewives of the bourgeoisie of Syros in order to be introduced to the guests of 1901 Hermoupolis Maison.



Homemade traditional pies are prepared in the kitchen of 1901 Hermoupolis Maison. Pies with wild edible greens and fennel from Syros, milk pies made with local milk or cheese pies are served according to the availability of the ingredients each season. You will also taste olives and fresh eggs, jams from local fresh fruits and butter from the workshops of Syros as well as traditional spoon sweets that can accompany yoghurt from local dairies and cooperatives.


The whole culture and history of Syros is reflected in the traditional products and unique recipes that were passed from generation to generation. Phoenicians, Venetians, French, Turks, Chians, Asia Minors, Capuchin monks, all played their part in the culinary history of Syros.


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