The former laundry room of the old stone house that now hosts 1901 Hermoupolis Maison hotel, has been transformed, with absolute consistency to the character of the residence, into a modern steam room.


The correlation of the room with the water element goes back to the construction of the house. The need for water conservation in 19th century Syros led the engineers and builders to the construction of an underground cistern that would collect rainwater in the specific space.


The old stone interior well with its cast iron cover give a special character to the level below the lobby, where the hamam of 1901 Hermoupolis Maison can be found.



Today, the guests of 1901 Hermoupolis Maison can enjoy a beneficial steam bath that enables physical relaxation and the sense of well-being and lightness.


Once the pores open through sweating and the toxins are removed, the immediate transition from the steam room to the cold waterfall shower achieves skin tightening and muscle toning.


At the end, a cup of tea available in your room, completes the relaxation process giving the final touch of rejuvenation and jocundity.

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