our history

Relaxation, voyage, hospitality, flavors, service, a personal touch, communication, history, hotel, Syros. Our will to combine all these elements, along with some changes in our personal and professional lives led to the vision for the development of the guesthouse 1901 Hermoupolis  in Syros.


Athens, Aivali, Syros, Hermoupolis, traveling, hotels, multinational corporations, career paths, de-urbanization, creativity, family, beautiful neoclassical buildings, humane cities, interpersonal relations.


All of these led us to Syros and finally to the old 19th century stone house which evolved to what is now the 1901 Hermoupolis  guesthouse. The story of this residence now continues with the contribution of all the guests of 1901 Hermoupolis .



Discussing frequently about what led us to Syros and along with our guests’ contribution to the evolution of hospitality we are taking the next steps towards enhancing the style and culture of 1901 Hermoupolis  in hopes that years later this will become the story you will share among each other, with us and the guesthouse.

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