the hotel

Once an impressive stone house, built in the 19th century by the artisans of Syros, now hosts the 5 lovely hotel rooms of 1901 Hermoupolis Maison. 1901 Hermoupolis Maison can accommodate a total of 11 adults, which gives the hotel a sense of privacy and allows deep interpersonal contact.



The Open view of Syros bay, the city of Hermoupolis and even the islands of Tinos and Mykonos combined with a magnificent  garden, a small courtyard with citrus trees and wild roses offer our guests unique moments of relaxation while at the same time the contemporary hammam gives the 1901 Hermoupolis Maison guests the opportunity to experience wellness and genuine tranquility.


Fresh, homemade breakfast infused with the flavors of Syros and combined with Greek or imported selected fine wine carry our guests on an authentic Hermoupolis Maison 1901 journey.



Each accommodation carries the story of the people that have lived in it. Anneta’s story was the one we were captivated by in our search of the tale behind what is now 1901 Hermoupolis Maison. 


The stone house was in fact Anneta’s dowry given to her husband by her adoptive parents in 1901. The concept of dowry had been very popular In Greece at the beginning of the 20th century imposed by social and economic constraints of the time. Regardless of the bride’s beauty or neatness the family was obligated to relinquish a portion of their wealth to the groom in order for the marriage to proceed.


On the Saturday of June 15 1901, by the incentive of her parents, Anneta Maridaki was married to Dimitris Aggelakis who belonged to Syros’ upper class bourgeoisie. Dimitris along with Anneta acquired the old stone house with the small yard, inner well and the marble terrace with a view upon Syros bay.


Built in the mid-19th century, the building, with its unique architecture, has been the residence of the Maridakis family from 1876 to 1901 while today, with full regard for its history it makes what is now 1901 Hermoupolis Maison.

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